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This one belongs to me.

Familiar Territory

Title: Familair Territory
Author: Fenikkusu Ai
Claim: Lucifer/John Constantine
Table: General #10
Prompt: #9 Toothache
Rating: M
Summary: No light would penetrate this filth.
Word Count: 617

"It's just a toothache, Chas."

"John, I think it's time you see a dentist."

Yeah. The last thing John wanted to do was sit in a chair for two or three fucking hours. He idly remembered that dentists had the highest suicide rate compared to any other profession. He figured that he should be in good company then.

"People die from toothaches, John. I remember a guy..."

John shot a Chas a glare. He wasn't in the mood for one of Chas' stories. Once he started, he never shut up.

"I know where the phone is." He nodded to a rotary phone that never went out of style. The hell with cell phones. He was still the old-fashioned sort for what it was worth.

Eventually, Chas stopped pestering him, and went John was left with the throbbing pain in his jaw.

Swearing, John located the bottle of aspirin and took a few before stretching out on the bed. Sleeping off the pain seemed like a good idea at first. Barely abed for a half hour, John could see he had received a visitor. An unwelcome visitor at that.

"Aw, my boy's sick," a voice that oozed fake sympathy profaned the room. "Can't have that."

John peeked over the duvet. "Get away from me. I'm not dying."

The fallen angel casually picked at the buttons on his coat. "I just came here to take your mind off the pain."

It was insulting how easily his insults bounce off of him. Nothing got past Lu's defenses.

"That's why they invented aspirin, asshole."

Lucifer approached the bed with a glint in his eyes.

John knew. He already knew the intention behind this visitation, and he didn't want to fight this time. He was just too damned tired. Too weak.

Lucifer bent one knee into the mattress before he proceeded to climb on.


It was as if John had never spoken.

"I hope you kept the home fires burning for me."

The devil's greedy fingers ripped into his clothes before they incinerated his skin. John's eyes rolled up at the ceiling. He was so not in the mood for this. Screw it. When had he gotten so passive? So pathetic...

"Not feisty today?" Lucifer seemed genuinely surprised.

"Fuck you."

"That's what I'm doing, John."

John shuddered beneath him. Not this. Anything but this. However, they both knew that they were on familiar territory.

"John, stop being such a tease. You know you like it. Besides, it takes your mind off your tooth."

Under Lucifer's thrusts, the psychic soon forgot about the pulsing pain rooted in his jaw and found himself suddenly immersed in something so dark that no light would penetrate it. Something so depraved that no medicine would treat it let alone heal it.

John maintained his rapidly crumbling facade. "What? No kiss?"

A ghost of a smile touched the devil's lips. "Sonny, I didn't know you cared."

Then, he was gone; leaving John to pick up the pieces of his already fragile psyche.

He hadn't fought again. He had had let it happen again. Well, his defenses had been down. He had been surprised. It was so easy to justify, but it was even harder to believe it. Every excuse he made afterwards sounded so...pitiful.

The emotions weighed down on his diseased chest. He gasped before he started a fit of coughing. Wheezing, he collapsed into himself. Closed his eyes.

When the shame eventually wore off, when some strength returned to his ailing body, he rolled over to call the nearest dentist. John would rather make an appointment with him than the devil.

After he took care of that, he was in dire need of a chest x-ray.