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Velvet drapes, glowing candles

...silent whispers of words inside of my head.

phoenix love
31 August
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29. INTP. Virgo Sun/Cancer Moon/Capricorn Ascendant. Female. And most likely more immature than I should be. :)

I enjoy fanfiction and any sort of fantasy-related activity really. Fanfiction helps keep my creativity intact. I also enjoy fanart (though I can't draw to save my life). Novels, movies, games, and anime are all good to me. My tastes range from fluffy and romantic to dark BDSM. I'm a bit bipolar in that sense.

I started this fandom stuff back in 1998 when I was a sixth-grader with BtVS. I was always an avid reader of FF and joined FF.net in 2003. My sanity disappeared completely when I got into Anime in 2004. Back then, (2004-2006) I heavily invested myself into the Inuyasha fandom. To this day, my favorite pairings in said fandom are Naraku/Kagome and Naraku/Kagura. You will find that I'm not a big supporter of canon het pairings such as Inuyasha/Kagome or Miroku/Sango.

(2006-2009) Here, I was obsessed with Proshipping, especially with Edo Phoenix. I also wrote Destinyshipping and Evashipping as well. My GX OC fic "Paper Hearts" is still a work in progress and is Saiou/OC/Edo.

(2009-2010) In this time period, I wrote a fair amount of KingCrabshipping AKA Yusei/Jack for the YGO 5Ds fandom. I also began dabbling heavier in the Constantine fandom.

(2011-2014) Here, I wrote exclusively for the Supernatural fandom for a long time. Most notably "Asbolus" for Dalastair. It is not finished and is on hiatus. I also wrote a few fics for Regicideshipping and Foilshipping for Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal.

(2014-present) I got into the Arc V fandom and wrote a Fuchsiashipping fic called "Collapse of a Star." It is still in progress. I also have 8 Naruto OCs and my main fic right now is "Ghost of a Rose." It's Orochimaru/OC/Kabuto. I will also have a twist in store for it.

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